Numerology Strategies – ten Causes People Alter Their Names

As a Numerologist I’ve assisted heaps of intriguing folks alter their names above the several years, and I in fact modified my own a handful of several years back.

I’d always been proud that my identify arrived from a city in England — I’d even frequented Trowbridge — but it was so challenging for most individuals to spell and pronounce I finally experienced enough of the constant aggravation. Apart from that, my profession was getting me more and a lot more into the community eye and I made the decision I’d be performing us ALL a favor!

Can you relate?

Altering your name is a critically critical selection simply because shifting your name changes your private and community “power”. As a result it alterations your Life. And since Numerology is all about analyzing the vitality of names, employing simple but extremely refined mathematical formulas, it can be a massive help in finding a name uniquely right for YOU.

Right here are a number of genuine tales about clients who needed to modify their names and their motives for seeking to do so:

1) In no way Preferred THEIR Title TO Start WITH

They advised me their identify failed to “come to feel like them”, experienced in no way “resonated”, was from a father they’d by no means acknowledged, or one who had really abused them as a kid. Most of them had desired to alter their name for years, but didn’t really know what to change it to.

(With my assistance they identified names they really Liked, names that resonated with the strength in their personal Numerology charts.)


Many of my clients — including myself! — actually used to dread saying their identify out loud because that is when the wrestle often started. (“Whaaaat? How do you SPELL that? Say that once again?”)

Right after a life time of listening to their name constantly slaughtered, it had turn out to be like “fingernails on a blackboard” on a every day basis.

3) Uncomfortable NAMES

Their identify experienced an uncomfortable double meaning, or they had the very same title as a person with a negative status. They’d been the target of jokes their complete lifestyle.
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Picture a tiny girl named Anita Tub. or a boy named Harold “Harry” Butts. Now think about how it may well affect their lives.
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(And by the way, these are real individuals, and a single of them life in my town!)

4) INTERFERING WITH Task Research OR Career Development

Their identify was so unattractive they suspected it was maintaining their resume on the base of the pile. (“Hey Jack, search at THIS 1! Hee hee. Yeah correct. Following!!)

Uh, family members loyalty is excellent…but if your title is so repelling it truly is retaining you from obtaining your Dream Work — not to mention your aspiration day!– you may possibly want to give me a call. And yes I understand a lot of folks have made it with a challenging name. (Hello Arnold!) But why endure the anxiety if you don’t even LIKE your title?

5) Acquiring MARRIED (AND LIKE HIS Name)

They have been getting married and liked their husband’s title, but needed to make certain it would have a good effect on their power. (Occasionally we have ended up hyphenating to make it perform ideal for them.)

6) Getting MARRIED (AND Never LIKE/WANT HIS Name)

They possibly did not like their fiance’s identify, or they wished to maintain their own title for organization or personalized factors, or were contemplating the thought of hyphenating. (I aided them come to peace with their decision by exhibiting them how the different names impacted their Numerology chart.)

seven) Acquiring DIVORCED

They failed to want to preserve his name and had been striving to decide whether or not to go back again to their maiden title or generate a new name entirely.

Numerology Chart ) WANT TO Stay Nameless IN Organization (WRITERS, Television REPORTERS, DANCERS, DETECTIVES)

Writers typically choose making use of pen names and I have also assisted them locate titles for their textbooks and screenplays. A Tv reporter wished a title to use on-the-air, some thing simple for her co-hosts and viewers to pronounce.

(Remember, nothing says you cannot use two names. I have read Whoopie Goldberg has usually gone by her offered name Caryn Johnson in her non-public daily life.)

nine) WANT A More “AMERICAN” Title

Soon after immigrating to the U.S. they desired a a lot more “American” title to make life simpler for on their own and their little ones, each personally and skillfully.

In one scenario we located a new identify that started with my client’s previous title, and ironically, introducing a few far more letters modified it into a well-recognized name in the economic globe. This was specially awesome because he works in that sector!


They wished a shorter,”sexier” name that would aid propel their success. A single was a talented modern day artist with a extended, boring previous identify which seemed terribly “incongruent” on canvas, to say the the very least! Collectively we had been able to come up with a new title that was really element of his start identify and fits him completely.

Another consumer was a jazz pianist with a comparable circumstance even so, following all was said and done, her supervisor talked her out of the title change stating it was as well late. And he could have been appropriate.

So here is a lesson for the up-and-coming artists in our midst. Never hold out any longer to alter your title if you know it truly is something you want — or want — to do. The lengthier you hold out, the greater your risk of dropping supporters and income afterwards on.

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