Cultural thought patterns to colors, numbers, shapes, shapes and symbols fluctuate tremendously from country to region. In designing your packing, be sure to get into account these Do’s and Dont’s for typically the nationwide markets you focus on.


DO use the quantity seven, which has positive connotations.
DON’T dress your items in black; but reddish colored, white, and blue can be looked on favorably.


DO use red, light together with blue for packaging. Paper hearts are a excellent motif, specially on Christmas time.
DON’T use the unlucky number 13.


Avoid using red or combinations connected with red, black and bright, as well as brown leafy. Number tough luck is also considered less than fortunate here.


DO use brilliant yellows and greens or perhaps blue and whitened, steering clear of black.
Tin Cans Manufacturers DON’T use unlucky 13; but 3 together with 6 are considered good.


DO use bold colors regarding foods and toys, gentle tones regarding cosmetics, outfits and “upscale” items.
Avoid using purple or perhaps the number 13-14.


DO take advantage involving the positive overtones associated with the numbers several in addition to 7; but stay away from thirteen.
DON’T package throughout black colored; yet white (purity), crimson (love), and alternative (hope) can be used confidently while appropriate.

For most other Europe, e. g. England as well as France, label similar to what is right for the U. T. is suitable. When inside doubt, it’s often prudent to check with typically the U. S. Office involving Commerce Desk Officer to the country(ies) in which an individual are interested, or using the commercial attach’ from the target countries’ nearest Charge or even Consulate.

Knowing worldwide holidays and the times are important

When shipping to European countries, knowing international holiday seasons are definitely the dates that companies are sealed are mandatory when planning your shipments to Europe. A new Worldwide World. com posts the particular International Date Advisor Vacation Calendar to help planning. Its content has all holidays and even all beliefs worldwide.



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